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A great man once said, “Brain grows, Heart doesn’t” and those who owe their life to the heart instead of brain end up staying toddlers forever. Many of you who got a smile on your face thinking that someone is finally going to talk about you guys profusely known as Man-Child.
So, here are 5 signs that show that you are just refusing to GROW UP :-
1). Bubble Wrap Affection
Are you one of the person who lose their senses as soon as they spot bubble wrap paper? If yes, then welcome to the land of ‘Let’s not grow up’.
2). Weirdest Way Of Eating Snacks
Do you still take the Onion Rings and other snacks out of the packet and arrange them around your fingers before savouring the crispy tangy taste? If, Yes, to mere dost chottey hi reh gaye tum.
3). Fevicol Is Not An Adhesive
If You are still a kid by heart, you know the joy of rubbing the fevicol on the hand and then peeling it off the skin. Pleasure level: Extreme!
4). Cartoon Network Is Life
You are not into MTV generation, you are still stuck watching animated figures on cartoon network and enjoying your leisure time. Though somewhere you do feel sad of CN for not telecasting better cartoons as they used to but you still don’t complain because you are a loyal fan.
5). It’s Not Drinkable Unless Its Bubbles
People are tired of telling you to get responsible and serious for once in life but you are too busy to give a damn! Oh, what are you so busy with? Making Bubbles in any fluid you find for the ‘BUL-BUL-BUL’ sound entices you like anything.
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- Shivam
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