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Why are men still searching for the question “What do women really want?” It is because women are so powerful that they themselves have no idea about their super-powers and unaware of their flaws too. So, the scientists have decided to dig a little deeper and found out some unusual things about women’s nature.
Here are facts about women which they themselves are not aware of:
1. Women have the ability to smell men’s intention in a crowd.
This is not exactly an unknown fact to women but mostly women are not certain whether their instincts about men are right. American sexologists said a woman can sense man’s presence even in a perfume strong where one is surrounded with variety of smell already. Even a more interesting fact is that men’s smell can be helpful for women to indentify their immunity too.
2. Women take more time than men to fall in love.
Men fall in love very easily and the research shows that more than 25% of men fall in love between the 1st and 4th dates. While the research shows that only 15% of women fall in love till the 4th date.
3. Women are good at remembering what needs to done, not what has been done.
Women are very much aware of men’s nature of forgetting everything and therefore, woman has developed the nature of remembering things that needs to be done. In 2015, Liana Palermo offered same tasks for 100 men and women to test memory and it turned out, that women are better at remembering.
4. The high a woman’s IQ is, the fewer children she will conceive.
As per a British psychologist, for every extra point in her IQ level, her desire decreases by 25% to have children. Women with higher IQ prioritize self-education, self-development, career and travel.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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