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Lately, Bollywood has been obsessed with making biopics, though most of them are just a propaganda for image whitewash but some of them (Shahid, Mukkabaaz etc.) are truly stellar and knocks a solid punch.
India has produced many public figures who are as ecstatic as it can get. Their life make up for an engaging story to be displayed on the celluloid, thus we took out some time suggest 5 names to our filmmakers on whom they can carve their next biopic drama:-
1). Gauri Lankesh
The fearless journalist who was killed for she dared to speak the truth. She was the editor of Lankesh Patrike, a Kannada weekly that stood for a free press. She was shot and killed by Hindu extremist group as she went ahead saying things that were brutal but true about the alleged group.
2). Satyajit Ray
The father of Indian Cinema, who explored the power of the art and made a name for himself in the industry, deserves a biopic. His vision and work is still been taught to students of filmmaking and watching his life get unravel on the silver screen will surely be a delightful experience.
3). Nawazuddin Siddiqui
Now, this one’s utterly inspirational. An average looking man struggling to make it big in the B-town despite situations going against him will definitely gather a lot of attention. Nawazuddin’s journey is something people would love to watch.
4). Arundhati Roy
An impeccable writer’s story who is always on the receiving end of criticism for her critical remarks on society and government will definitely make for an interesting watch.
5). Mehmood
The legendary comedian and actor who struggled on the roads as a taxi driver before venturing into films definitely call for an inspirational story. Mehmood’s comic antics are still unmatchable and we would love to see another actor imitating him, after all comparison is Indians’ favourite pastime.
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- Shivam
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