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People around the world are way too creative; sometimes they break the fourth wall to create something really alluring. An illustrator who goes by the name of tangyahoong on Instagram was always fascinated by light. According to him, light symbolizes life, hope, and intelligence and also light is pretty much intangible. But he explored the other side of light where it is obscure, clever and suspenseful in nature. He imagined light with a different perspective and inculcated his imagination in daily chores and the results are outright exciting
Now, he is trying to live his childhood dream by creating exquisite illustrations. They are really delightful to watch, we have compiled some of his best work, take a look at these surreal yet beautiful imaginations:-
1). Light Painter
When he was a kid, he used to imagine the light painter silently lighting up the city with his magical paint.
2). Fill In The Lights
His imagination where the light workers are working tirelessly to fill up our cities at night.
3). Tangled
The complications are real.
4). Raining Lights
Because there is no better season than rainy season.
5). Saving Energy
Haven't seen much better illustration for the ‘Save Energy’ campaign.
6). Assemble An Idea
Because bright ideas are the synonym to bright light.
7). Delicious Light
The lights never tasted so yummilicous.
8). Pool Of Light
Lights can guide you to the end of a tunnel.
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- Shivam
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