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Since we live in a time when options are not limited and therefore, you will always find a way here and there. Therefore, if you don’t own a DSLR camera, it is not much of a limitation to create a beautiful picture.
Having a DSLR camera is not a necessity for everyone who is just trying their hand in photography, even it is always recommended not to make that much of a heavy investment just to test whether you really have interest in photography or not. So, if you want some Instagram worthy pictures clicked by your mobile, here are some trick that will help you get more followers and appreciation:
1. Macro/Bokeh shots
For Macro or Bokeh photography you need the photos to have extremely sharp or extremely blurry images. So, for both the kind of pictures, make sure that you turn the mobile camera setting to Manual mode. Now, when you want to get a really sharp image or macro image, you can pick a subject and frame and then focus into the subject and automatically the rest of the frame will become blurry. You can do the same with bokeh images too.
2. HDR images
HDR is High Dynamic Range. So, to create an HDR image, make sure that you don’t choose a frame which is either too dark or too bright. Now, you have to go to the camera settings and do a little bit of management in the exposure bracket. In the exposure bracket, the camera will capture both dark and bright image and then you can use both the images to create a professional looking HDR image.
3. Contrasts
Look for contrasts and the picture will automatically look very unique and beautiful. The contrast can be of colors, color palettes, human behavior, structure of the photo, or any kind that attracts your eye.
4. Do not use the mobile flash directly
It is very rare a case that mobile flash when used directly creates beautiful image. Therefore, it is recommended not to use mobile flash directly on the subject, instead you can use other light sources. Even better if you don’t use any harsh light directly on the subject, you can either use a butter paper between your subject and the light or any other dithering object to make the light look natural.
5. Don’t use zoom much often
Zooming an image dilutes the effect of a picture and it completely ruins the detailing in a frame and to the subject as well. When you use the zoom, it diminishes the pixel, light, detailing and a lot in the picture. Thus, it is recommended to take the camera as close as you want to the subject and click a picture, this will give you a drastically beautiful image.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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