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Are the wedding bells ringing for the Kapoor lad who just blew everyone away with his thunderous performance in 'Sanju’? Well, if we go on what his dearest dad says, this news might come true soon.
Recently, Rishi Kapoor commented on his son’s marriage plans in an indirect way. According to a report in Mid Day, Rishi spoke about his desire to see this son settled. He mentioned that he got married aged 27 and Ranbir, who is 35, too should take a call. “It is high time he got married. I settled down when I was 27, Ranbir is 35. So he should think about marriage. He can marry anyone of his choice; we don’t have any objection to it. I want to spend time with my grandchildren before I am gone.”
The veteran actor also mentioned that how today actors are so neck deep busy that they have totally forgotten to think about their personal life and this doesn’t give the actors the required time to socialize with people/women.
He also said that he has never discussed on this topic with his son but his wife, Neetu Kapoor keeps on poking Ranbir to get settled down. He also said they would have no objection to his choice of a person as a partner as their happiness lay in his.
Well, the rumors of Ranbir and Alia Bhatt's alleged relationship is doing the rounds in the industry and their chemistry looks straight out of a fire pot, thus speculations are that Ranbir might get hitched to Alia as he is seen many times at Mahesh Bhatt’s (Alia’s father) residence discussing some ‘things’. Well, some hearts might get broken after Ranbir gets hitched but on the other hand, everyone is hoping for the eligible bachelor to get married soon as we just cannot see one more Salman Khan becoming the flag bearer of bachelor’ism. *winks*
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- Shivam
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