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There are times when hunger pangs hit you and there are no places where you can find what you desire. What to do on such times? You can either get ready and drive as far as 10 kms or else you can make it by yourself and eat in volumes. Yes, the pros of making food by yourself is that you not only get the food at a much lower cost but you can make it as much as you want. So, today you will learn to make muffin.
First, make some noise for MUFFINS!
We all love muffins and if someone says they don’t either they are lying to you or to themselves. So, if you love your muffins and you are trying out baking for the first time, here is the easiest recipe you will find on the internet.
The recipe given below is a basic muffin recipe. So, if you want to make some interesting muffins like cherry muffin, strawberry muffin or any other add-ons into the muffin, you can simply add the fruit in the batter or afterwards. Also, keep a muffin silpat or muffin tray ready.
Muffins recipe
Breakfast sugar
Refined flour
Vanilla essence
Baking powder
1. Mix Butter and sugar properly in smooth consistency.
2. Keep adding egg one after the other, refined flour, vanilla essence slowly.
3. Polish muffin silpat with butter.
4. Now, bake it for about 15 minutes at 175 c.
Now, you can finally make you own muffins and you don’t need to depend on variety of bakeries for tasting yummy muffins. You can simply keep the ingredients in your house all the time and make muffins as per your taste bud.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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