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“Stars are just like us” ever heard of this phrase? Well, we feel more connected with our favourite celebs when we see them doing normal things like us like going made over some junk food or being obsessed with snapchat and Instagram stories. Al this makes us believe that no matter we can’t meet them every day or no matter they are leading totally different life’s from us because of their profession but they are just like us.
Deepika Padukone is one such star. We have talked earlier about how Deepika is just not shy of repeating her clothes and does it quite often like a boss today we want to talk about the bags that Deepika Padukone is crushing on. Yes, there are some bags in the Padmavaat actress’s wardrobe that she is literally obsessed with. We have seen her carrying these bags quite often on many occasions. These compliment her style perfectly and more frankly they are gorgeous and very expensive if we compare them to our bank balance (well at least my bank balance).

Deepika takes her looks very seriously and obviously, she should when she is aware of the fact that half the country is following her and have accepted her as their fashion goddess. Deepika’s airport looks are something we can’t take our eyes off; she has some of the trendiest and chic airport looks. Her airport looks are full of high fashion and designer bags. Deepika has a collection of the most trendiest bags in her wardrobe and we are not talking about just some bag. She carries a bag from Celine, Gucci, Burberry, Chanel and many more.
Deepika for sure knows to carry her bags in style and long before Ranveer came in the scene it was these bags that gave Deepika some company and were their arm candy. Here are some bags that Deepika is obsessed with.

Celine Phantom Tote bags
Price: Rs 1,34,579 approx
Deepika is seen quite a handful of times rocking this Celina Phantom Tote bag. She looks like a piece of cake when she is seen with this handbag around her arms.

White Chanel Tote bag
Price:Rs 2,89,256 approx
It is said when in doubt, look Chanel for answers. This chanel bag is perfect to stuff all your problems in. It has got Deepika covered.

The Gucci Sylvie Bag
Rs. 2,261,68 approx
Look at this beauty Deepika is carrying.

Gucci-Dionysus bag
Rs. 2,34,902 approx
Gucci is just another name for luxury. This bag is so chic and stylish. I know all you guys want to buy this one.

Chloe Marcie Handbag
Rs. 1,33,558 approx
From pajamas to jumpsuits this bag goes well with every bag.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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