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The three most difficult questions that have ever been asked on earth are:
1). Kattapa ne Bahubali ko kyu maara?
2). Thanos ki Maarney ka kya plan hai?
3). Non-Veg ke hote huye Veg food kyu khaate hain log?
Right from the inception of the universe, the homosapiens got distinguished as vegetarian and non-vegetarian food lovers. I agree vegetarian food is nutritious and all but bro, taste ka kya? Like how can you even compare meat with your paneer? ………. Lajja? Sharam? Haya?, nothing left bruh?
From my sharp words, you guys must have gotten an idea by now that I am an ardent fan of non-veg food. Non- veg food is no less than oxygen for me, actually do you wanna trade my share of oxygen in exchange for Chicken Tikka?
Just like me, there are many non-veg lovers who could do anything to get a bite of the lip-smacking non-veg food, here are the signs that make you a true blue non-veg lover:-
1). Your blood boils when someone uses the prefix ‘Veg’ with Biryani
You love non-veg food, so you know how special chicken biryani is for you; now, when someone creates a hypothetical dish just to be in the same league, it hurts you a lot.
2). NAVRATREY takes a toll on your life
When the auspicious fest of ‘Navratrey’ starts, the mood and bling of that season amaze you but then you recall that you will not be able to touch chicken for next 9 days and that is it, you are already sinking in the ocean of despair.
3). Your power of sarcasm doubles up when it comes to roasting vegetarians
You become way too sarcastic when it comes to taking jibes at your vegetarian friends, even if you start losing the eternal debate of ‘Veg Vs Non-Veg’, you come back in the game with this single line – “Plants nahi jeetey kya? Unhe kyu khaatey ho tum log?”
4). You are obsessed with Non-Veg food
You are so obsessed with non-veg food that you can have it anytime and in any quantity. If someone offers you thick kebabs in the morning breakfast, you are so not saying no to the dish.
5). Your ‘meaty’ weekend plans
Your weekends are all about spending a hell lot of money of non-veg dishes or hastening around places to discover places that sell delicious non-veg food.
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- Shivam
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