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When you are in love and in romance and thus, you arrange your wedding. To keep the essence flowing you want your entire wedding to retain the feeling of love, and all the emotions you are going through. To contain the beautiful rush of emotion into photography, some of the photographers have shot pictures of brides underwater and the results are ofcourse something you will be stunned looking at.
A couple plans their wedding for a long time and all of the arrangements are made to celebrate their love for each other. Here are some pictures which you can try and re-create for your wedding:
1. The colors in the picture show all the range of emotion the bride must be going through.
2. The Orlando destination should be available four seasons and it should always portray beautiful fusion.
3. The Ada Wang underwater bride is the bride of our dreams.
4. This is a fun shoot and the soon to be married are having fun.
5. When bride and groom get some funtime with friends after becoming man and wife.
6. When chemistry can be seen even underwater where it’s super hard to even breathe.
7. The bold colors used in the picture shows the passion and ofcourse the kiss!
8. Sensual and jazzy, the photography portrays the chemistry beautifully.
9. This picture really melts my heart and hopefully the guy will love her for lifetime like this.
10. Summarising all what they mean to each other.
Are you preponing your wedding to get underwater photoshoot? Its ok, you are allowed to.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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