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Being in a relationship is a ride of emotions. When you are in a long relationship with someone you go through a series of emotions with them. You feel happy, irritated, agitated, angry everything. But the best part is you go through it together. And you love it. There is nothing you regret about it.

Love has a rare way of making you feel things that you have never felt before. If you are with your partner from a very long time then you must have reached a point where you and your partner know everything about each other. When he/she is not with you, you miss them like an idiot misses a point. Relationships are not always hearts and sunshine. You have your bad days just like you have the good ones.

But going through the good and bad days together is what makes a relationship worth fighting for. I have heard people saying who needs a partner I am enough for myself and I am independent. Well, it’s good that you don’t need anyone and it’s great that you are independent as well. But firstly no relationship takes your independence away. If it does then it is not a healthy relationship. And also at some point in our life, we all need someone to hold us. Someone to fight with. Someone who would fight for us. Someone who would irritate us and make us feel agitated and loved at the same time.

Only love and a good relationship can make you feel these things. Here are some cute illustrations by an artist who showcased her relationship with her partner. These illustrations will make you miss your partner for sure.

You know you have broken that extra layer in your relationship and reached a rock solid point when you can fart around each other.

When you fall sick together and you stick together.

When your partner takes advantage of the situation and annoys you endlessly.

When your partner gets away with everything through baby talk.

When your partner steals your body heat.

When you feel fresh to death but by only wearing your partner's clothes.

When your partner forms their own language to communicate.

When your partner doesn't let you finish your games.

When your partner finds new ways to know how much you love them.

When you share your cutesy romance with your partner.

When you let your inner singer out just for your partner.

When you become a t-shirt thief and steal all the t-shirts from your partner.

When you both love the same things.

Missing your partner after this? Go give them a tight hug and tell them how much you appreciate all of this.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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