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We, the new generation of today are the millennials. Also, we are the most misjudged generation. There are so many stereotypes surrounding the millennials that we are damned for everything. Everything we or we don’t do is judged by the society. Yes, there are a few bad apples among us but that doesn’t mean the whole tree of apple is waste.
Majority of us are good. Most of us are very serious about taking our country towards a better future. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about Millennials.

We are a social media obsessed generation
Yes, social media is a very important part of our life. We check it constantly. We put too much on social media. But who isn’t on social media these days. We don’t deny the fact that we are a social media obsessed generation but we are also the ones who are not scared to speak our mind. We are not scared to point at things that we find wrong.

We are lazy AF
Okay, see you are wrong here. We are very hard working. We take our careers very seriously. We are the generations who are not scared to fight for what we want to do. We are the generation of artists and big minds. Also, we believe working smart is more effective than working hard.

We don’t know anything about the art of communication
This is a very common misconception about our generation. We can talk about things. We can talk about many things. And there have been many instances where we have raised our voices for many important things.

We are a Tinder generation
Maybe yes a lot of us have been using Tinder for dates and hook-ups but that doesn’t mean that we are a generation who don’t believe in relationships. We fall in love too and we are loyal to our partners as well. But we are not scared of trying new options that are open to us.

The future is screwed because of us
That is completely wrong. We are the ones voicing for changes. We are the ones who are actually cleaning up the mess made up by the past generation. We are not screwing up anything, we are trying our best to make the best future.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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