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Te Amo – I Love You, just three words but if said by the right person makes our day brighter and better. I love you holds so much value in our life. Do you remember the first time you heard these words from your partner? Wasn’t it like the best day of your life? With butterflies dancing in your tummy.
When you are in a relationship there are different ways you express your love through. Your partner must also be saying many things that mean much more than I Love You. These things make you skip your heartbeat. Doesn’t they? These things make you fall in love with them once again.
Here are some things that partners say to each other that mean much more than I Love You. If your partner also says these things then you know you have ended up with the right person.

When he/she help you fix your mood after a long day at work. Isn't that the best feeling ever? Knowing that he cares.

You are smiled when you saw this? This is a great way to show you love someone.

When he/she tells you that you put a smile on their face when they are sad and gloomy.

It's all about the small things. Right? These small things mean more than I love you.

If he cares to remember about your painful part of the month, he is a keeper. There is no better way to say I Love You.

Do your partner call you up just randomly to hear your voice? Yes? Don't let them go ever.

If your guy keeps on telling you this often enough even when you are at home in his loose t-shirt with your messy hair. You gotta hug him right now and tell him how much you appreciate these compliments.

This is another thing that your partner does that says he cares and love you very much.

This is my favourite one. If he doesn't watch the shows you started together without you, he is a keeper.

There are so many ways in which your partner tells you that he/she loves you. You just need to listen.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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