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Online harassment and slut-shaming isn’t something new to the ‘Digital World’. People keep gawking at your moves to troll you, whenever they get a chance. Last year Pakistani actress was trolled brutally for ‘dressing inappropriately’ and sharing a cigarette with Ranbir Kapoor. While no one questioned Ranbir, Mahira had to face the wrath of the moral police.
Recently, Saba Qamar, who packed a punch in Bollywood with her debut in ‘Hindi Medium’ was spotting shooting for some brand. She was seen smoking on the sets while the buttons of her shirt were not tucked in and this irked the moral police so much that they started bashing the actress. Some went ahead to abuse her to the extreme limits, it is very saddening to know that even today a woman is targeted for owning her body and choices.
Here are some filthy comments that she had to face:-
1). Who Are You To Decide, God?
2). Ask For Yourself, are you human?
3). WOW! A woman commenting something like this about a WOMAN
4) Can it go much low?
While many of these parasites attacked Saba, some sensible minds came to her rescue as well:
1). Gentlemanship much!
3). Shame The Pest!
At one end, we are talking about development and what not and on the other hand, we are still deep-rooted to such a narrow mindset. It is time that we stop looking at a woman’s body as if it is a playground to satisfy your ego by throwing out venom from the mouth. It is time that all the filthy people should just SHUT UP or even better SHUT THE FUCK UP!
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- Shivam
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