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The first season of ‘Little Things’ starring Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal was loved by the audience. They became our favourite couple and sent some couple goals our way. This cute life story has been taken by streaming giant Netflix and now the second installment will be streamed there.

“We’re elated to partner with Dice Media, whose brand of young-adult entertainment is fresh, relevant and universally identifiable. Little Things season two takes our favorite couple to the next level, and we are excited to bring Dhruv and Kavya’s journey to both their legion of fans and to Netflix members everywhere,” Simran Sethi, Director, International Originals, Netflix, said in a statement while talking to a leading daily.

Little Things is cute and relatable series with Dhruv and Mithila in the lead roles. This show revolves around two characters, Dhruv Vats played by Dhruv Sehgal and Kavya Kulkarni played by Mithila Palkar who are finding out their ways in a complicated world, discovering their relationship and constantly navigating their way around their career in a fast moving city Mumbai. And during all this, they cherish the little things that life brings to them.

The first season of the show revolved around the story of this couple dealing with the struggles of their relationship and finding their way out through career problems. The show had a simple storyline and showed the basic and general problems that we all go through. These small problems get lost in other big shows with too many plot twists.

Part two of this show will take forward the story of this couple as they move into a more mature relationship and as they try finding put their individual identities. The second season of this show will be directed by Ruchir Arun and produced by Ashwin Suresh, Anirudh Pandita, and Aditi Shrivastava.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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