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There are many morons in this universe who loves to put others down in order to feel supreme. Such is the case with calling others names and giving tags to people like fatty, too dark or kali kaluti. So, today we bring up the topic where you will find savage comebacks when aunties and uncles call you Kali Kaluti.
When someone calls you Kali-Kaluti, these comebacks will be life-saving:
#1 When an aunty tells you that you are very “Saavli” and you should try to fix the problem using fairness products.
#2 When a guy tells you the same…
Just look at them once and utter just this one word!
#3 When an aunty says “Thoda aur fair hoti toh ladka jaldi mil jaata, but what to do!”
#4 When aunty says, “Beta aap toh bade savle se ho, problem nahi hota?”
Also, make it a point to say that till her comment there was no problem but now you have to make way from calling her your relative.
#5 When one of your cousins comments on your complexion
Whether you are dark or fair, personality is not a thing which can be overshadowed di (You know what I mean!!) *wink*
#6 When a friend or colleague have the audacity to say you are dark skinned!
Now, I hope they shut up...
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Graphic Designer: Vikas Kakkar
Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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