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He was sitting with his little girl; his hands were caressing her hair while the little girl couldn’t stop giggling. It was raining outside and a breeze surrounded the environment; it was just near -perfect balmy evening to enjoy some father-daughter time.
The man had a smile that reflected relief, his gloomy eyes were filled with hope and light after so many days, and it was evident that he has missed his daughter like anything. He lifted his girl up and swirled her around and the room got filled with ecstasy.
But as they say, happiness doesn’t last long; the man’s wife entered the room with a grim face, she was holding a letter in her hand and we could tell that she is fighting her tears real bad.
The man looked at his wife, put his daughter on the chair and gets to collect the letter that had stumped his wife.
He opened the letter, read it and smiled a bit, looked at his daughter and then again at the letter. The letter read: "COUNTRY CALLING".
He went to his daughter, held her forehead and kissed it, sat up straight and gave a vivid smile to his love beings. Wearing his uniform with pride, he stepped out of his HOME to protect "THE HOME".
His daughter asked, "Dad, when would you return?".
He PROMISED to return shortly.
His daughter is 22 now but he has still not returned and that is how she came to know that "PROMISES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN"
A big shout out to each and every brave men defending our country.
- Shivam
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