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Our society has set some rules for every human. Some rules that don’t make any sense at all. Like being fat can lead you into a lot of public shaming. Are you fat? If yes, it is okay to be that way. You are beautiful. You look good and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Many of us keep on fat-shaming our friends and when asked to stop all of them come with a noble excuse which is that in this way they are encouraging the other person to lose weight. First question: who are you to decide that they should be losing weight? Their body, their choice! Shouldn’t we be following this motto rather than constantly bullying them by calling them fat?

Relatives and parents everyone take a jibe on their fat kids and they don’t stop. You are not helping them by doing this in any way. All you are doing is conditioning them to hate their body. All their life they keep thinking that there is something wrong with their body. That they are a joke because of their weight.

Shaming never helps. Already they struggle with a lot of things on a day to day basis and one thing they don’t need is you motivating them by shaming them. Of course, they know what they need to do with their body. And trust me they are working on it. Most of the time they start working towards a perfect figure just to end the constant taunts and shaming. Being fat is not a sin and so we should stop making it feel like a sin.
If you really want to help your friend first thing you need to do is ask them if they want to change their body or not. Sometimes people are okay with their body types and so you should stop making them feel otherwise. It is not your place to decide anything on their behalf. All you can do is ask them if they need any help with anything. That’s it that’s all you can do and you should do. Also, tell them they are beautiful.

So please get a hold on yourself and stop with the constant nagging and shaming.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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