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We all love vintage clothes, vintage jewelry and basically anything which is vintage because well, we love anything vintage. So, if you love the vintage feel in your attire and life, here is something interesting you are going to discover. Feedsack Jewelry!
Yes, this is a kind of jewelry which we all have seen and wore but never bothered to know the name of this piece of jewelry. You can see the picture above and you will instantly be like “Oh yeah! I love this kind of jewelry so much!” And today we are doing you the favour of helping you make feedsack jewelry all by yourself.
Chill, it’s going to be super easy, trust me.
Keep these ingredients ready:
• Plain round button kit 3/4″ size with setting tool (You can check the image for reference)
• Round locket mold
• Scrap fabric in a small print, try to get vintage prints
• Chain
• Sticky gum
• Scissor
• Beads and charms (Not compulsory)
Step 1 – Prepare the button
Pick the button you have bought, and you have to cut the fabric round. Make sure while cutting the fabric that it is cut a bit larger than the button itself. Face down the fabric on the rubber round tool and stick it with the sticky gum or better if you can use a rubber mold. Fold your excess fabric in the backside, cut the excess fabric and rest cover the fabric at botton shank side up.
Step 2 – Stick the button
Stick the button into the locket mold using rubber mold or sticky gum. Make sure that the backside is evenly settled or else it will look unprofessional.
Step 3 – Put the locket into the chain
Now, simply put the necklace into the chain. If you want it a bit more embellished, use a few charms and beads or else you can use it simple and vintage. Finish, your Feedsack jewelry is made. Et Viola!
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