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The perpetual controversial star of Hindi cinema, Sanjay Dutt, has played a variety of characters in his 38 years long career. Some were cheerful like his wits and some were notorious like his past. On his 59th birthday, we have compiled 5 of the iconic roles that only Baba could have pulled off:-
1). Vicky in Naam
When Sanjay dutt was in one of the most devastated phase of his career, his films weren't doing well and he was deep neck busy with drugs, it was Mahesh Bhatt's Naam that helped him bounce back. The story traced the journey of a guy who, under the influence of circumstances is forced to do things, he doesn't want to do. Sanjay dutt perfectly captured the desperation of the character and presented it on screen.
2). Ravi in Sadak
This cult film, made Sanjay Dutt a bonafide star of 90's. Sanjay played the role of a goon who falls in love with a prostitute with so much conviction that everyone went in awe of his performance.
3). Ballu in Khalnayak
Now, this one deserves a special mention. Subhash Ghai cast Sanjay in this epic film where he had to play himself on screen, a guy who gets trapped in the baddie world because of wrong choices. The film was one of the highest point of Dutt's career.
4). Raghu in Vaastav
Undoubtedly, the best performance of Dutt. The film had him play the role of an anti-hero and boy, he did give a jaw-dropping performance. The angst, fear and frustration of the character was so aptly performed by Dutt that he went on to win the Best Actor trophy for his work.
5). Munna in Munna Bhai series
The film that changed the game for Dutt was Munna Bhai M.B.B.S, people fell in love with the lovable gangster aspiring to become a doctor and the character became one of the most memorable character ever. The series continued and Dutt returned to teach Gandhigiri in the second instalment of the franchise, and as expected, Dutt's street charm won accolades.
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