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Everything Kangana does, she does it with full conviction and very openly when it came to the political stint, she again has a very clear vision. Kangana Ranaut seems to be rooting hard for PM Modi for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
The ‘Queen’ actress recently was spotted for the screening of a movie, ‘Chalo Jeete Hain’. The movie showcases the childhood life of our current Prime Minister of India and Kangana syas that one should not doubt his credibility. Though not many of us will agree to what she is saying but she seems clear in her head that Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister, the country needs ‘right now’.
In the event, the actress spoke, “He is the most deserving candidate. It’s not like he has reached this place because of his mother and father. He is the rightful leader of the democracy. We have voted him as our Prime Minister. This cannot be taken away from him. This is his well-deserved place which he has earned after sheer hard work. So, there shouldn’t be any doubt about his credibility as a Prime Minister.”
Kangana further defends Modi by saying, “Five years are very less to take the nation out of a pit. Our country is in a pit, we need to pull it out.”
She was all about praising the movie with great words and said, “The film has been made beautifully. It shows how Prime Minister Modi being a sensitive child went through such extreme circumstances. But I feel this film is not about him. Rather it is about us - how the society needs to be together to rise. This film is just a small part of his life.”
Whereas Kangana is super impressed with our PM, Narendra Modi, do you agree with what she is saying?
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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