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Ranbir Kapoor is collecting all the praise for his impeccable portrayal of Sanjay Dutt in Sanju. Now, looks like Daddy Kapoor is going his son’s way as rumours are surfacing that he might get cast in the role of acclaimed writer – Khushwant Singh, in his biopic.
He reveals, “Let me tell you that I have been approached for a biopic. And it’s very interesting that somebody wants me to agree at this stage [of my career] to do it. They want to make a biopic on Khushwant Singh with me [portraying Singh].”
Khushwant Singh was a renowned writer who wrote the acclaimed book – ‘Train To Pakistan’. The book was adapted into a film in 1998 and was a critical hit. He also served as a member of parliament for some time. Khushwant Singh breathed his last in 2014.
Rishi Kapoor says that he was excited with the concept, he commented: “When I heard about it, I said it sounds good because a lot of people do not know [about] his earlier life. He had a very daring and colourful life in his younger days. But, they would have to take somebody else to portray his younger version. I can play the ‘fat’ Khushwant Singh, maybe with a little more of padding on my body (laughs).”
On the question of film’s rolling, the veteran actor commented, ” It was about six months back when somebody asked me about this. And I even said yes to it. I don’t know what is happening after that.”
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- Shivam
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