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Sonu Nigam – the melodious voice that creates a stir in heart, every time we hear it. The celebrated singer turns 45 today. The singer has created a benchmark when it comes to singing romantic songs, many of his songs like Sooraj Hua Maddham, Kiska Hai ye tumko Intezaar and Deewana Tera are classics and are still cherished.
On his birthday, we would like to take you back in 2016, when the ace singer turned into a beggar. No, no, he did not face any crises or something; he turned into a beggar for a special cause. The famous youtube channel ‘Being Indian’ approached him to be a part of a social experiment called Roadside Ustaad where he had to dress up like a shabby beggar and sit on Mumbai streets with a harmonium. Sonu agreed to this and did the needful. He sang songs and people were enchanted by his voice but no one recognised him. He did this to make the people understand that in the rush of life, we are not noticing beautiful little things that keep happening around us.
During the course of the entire incident, there was this guy who touched Sonu’s heart. This guy approached Sonu who was disguised as a beggar, held his hands and asked if he has eaten something? The guy swiftly slipped Rs. 12 in Sonu’s hand and praised his voice and guts. This guy was then invited to meet Sonu himself and that turned out to be a gold moment for the young guy.
Watch the video here:
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- Shivam
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