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Bored of your regular black hair color? Then it’s the perfect time to experiment with your hair and play around a little. Hair can be an extremely attractive feature of your overall look but only if they are presentable enough. Dying hair brings such fun element into the look and is safe as well. So why not grab some extra eyeballs with a changeover this season.

You can color your hair the way you want. There are different ways by which one can add some funky element to their hair.

Here are some techniques you can follow:

1. Dip dye your hair: This technique helps when you want the ends of your hair in a singular color. All you need to do is tie up your hair and dip it in the dye. It is quite fun to do and gives such beautiful texture to the hair. Choose any color of your choice and get going.

2. Highlighting: Highlighting hair enhances a certain section of your hair and makes it prominent. This look is quite intriguing and is best for` beginners or the not so experimenting ones’.

3. Dramatic Ombre: This look is not only classy and beautiful but is extremely dramatic and gorgeous. You need to leave you hair natural at the roots and dramatic towards the end of the length. Celebrities go for this look because of the finish it has.

4. Reverse Ombre: This is just another fun feature and easy to color your hair all colors. You just need to color the roots and leave the ends. And you are done with it.

Try these amazing hair dye techniques and add spark to your hair and your life. Why be bored when you can always experiment!

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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