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Honestly no one is sure whether Priyanka Chopra is getting married or not but regardless, PC is not the woman who will leave a movie cause she is getting married. She has worked supremely hard on every stage and her professionalism is lauded all over the industry both in Bollywood and Hollywood, wedding can’t be the reason.
Many of the news in social media are doing the rounds that because of Priyanka-Nick’s wedding, she had to exit from Salman Khan starrer ‘Bharat’. Noone really knows the actual reason cause none mentioned the reason officially but ofcourse we all want to know. So, here are the possible reasons why he might have left the movie:
Theory #1
One of PC’s producers has once said that “PC is extraordinarily professional. I remember she shot for a film, just a few days after her father (Dr Ashok Chopra) passed away in 2013. She was devastated by his death, yet she didn’t cancel the shoot. So, to say that she is opting out of a film at the nth hour, stating her engagement as a reason, seems a bit out of place.” So, wedding cannot be the reason to quit a movie.
Theory #2
PC was not getting the remuneration she was expecting. Reportedly the actress asked for anything between Rs 13-14 cr and eventually, she was allegedly being paid Rs 6.5 cr. Surely, that did not go well and she seemed very unhappy with the amount. When she took the matter to the Khan family, they found it rather prudent because of her last movie ‘Jai Gangaajal’ was nothing to rave about.
Theory #3
Another theory said that Priyanka was not happy with the sudden and last minute cast additions to the film. When she came on board to the film, the cast was not revealed to her. Now, the movie stars Disha Patani and Nora Fatehi as a part of the ensemble.
Theory #4
Coming back to the engagement, it is absurd to say that she has left the movie for getting married. Kareena Kapoor Khan, Anushka Sharma and Sonam K Ahuja are treating as an example for all the actors and the industry who thought marriage ends actresses’ career.
Which one do you think is the real reason behind the exit?
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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