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Every person have their own weird obsessions, someone likes a color more than other and always keep on going back to and others find a pose which makes them look their best of bring the best feature of them. It seems like, Priyanka Chopra has found hers. The pose Priyanka loves the most is none other than this, right here:
So there are many obsessions of stars and people in general and keeping that in mind, we have found out the pose that Priyanka Chopra is obsessed with.
Though mostly she uses her right hand on the head in photos but sometimes she takes up both her hands in the head. Yeah! I know it sounds silly in words but when she does it, it looks hot cause PC makes everything sizzling with her attitude.
If you think of it a little more, this pose makes her look strong, fierce and bold. Usually girls pose in a very cosy way and they don’t let their body move freely. Also, the ‘Barfi’ actress has a great armpit which is naturally smooth and her flawless tattoo, she can show it off both. When PC uses this pose, it makes her more appealing, fierce and looks very confident in the pictures.
We all know Priyanka Chopra as a fierce woman and her warrior like spirit is what we see in all these pose. That is why it is called the Priyanka Chopra signature pose.
This pose might come to her naturally as she looks the hottest in these pictures you are going to see here.
Now, just look at this candid PC and smile!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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