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Commitment phobics are a weird breed which have left their experience teach them way too much than necessary. Being a commitment phobic person myself, it is easier to relate to people who are sceptical about everything.
People literally call anyone and everyone their friends very casually, we ain’t no falling for that sh*i. We are smart and we are honest too. We will not commit you but we will not commit anyone else too.
1. When it comes to making friends..
We take ages and decades to make friends and I am not exaggerating. If you want to join the ‘Commitment Phobic’ club, NEVER EVER call your colleagues friend. If you still do, you might be having a divine connection.
Always going on in our head: Don’t call him a friend, I know him for just 2 years.
2. When it comes to choosing a partner (For lifetime)
Honestly, it is quite a scary thought to us and therefore, we have stopped trying. Most of us don’t believe in marriage and the people who do get married amongst this community marry their school friend, you can start observing.
Always going on in our head: Let him know that always that you are not committing to the relationship.
3. When your boyfriend/husband expresses his feelings for you very emotionally…
Commitment phobic: You know I am going to die right? I can die before you, don’t take your expectations fly too high.
If you find the right guy or a girl who is super understanding and warm, they will still hug you. Never let that person go.
4. Calling someone an enemy…
We don’t like or dislike anyone just by their looks, we analyse them very closely and observe them like a cat. In case they backstab us, then maybe we consider them to be our enemies.
Always going on in our head: He is not my enemy, he didn’t do anything with me why make him an enemy?
5. Life in general…
We always keep on thinking that no one should feel that we consider them to be close because then their expectation will go up high and we don’t want that in our personal life.
We will do everything by our own will and not by expectation. We love you but don’t expect us to love you.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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