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Ranveer Singh and his unique sense of fashion are always in headlines. People are always talking about his fashion sense and the way he chooses to appear in public. Ranveer Singh and his fashion choices are just on another level and he always makes heads turn.

People have made all kinds of comment on the actor's fashion sense but Ranveer doesn’t give any hoots about what people think. He is a true Rockstar and his attitude makes us learn a very important lesson which is that people are going to have opinions about you and your style or maybe the way you walk and talk but you don’t have to listen to them and don’t have to change yourself because of some sets of opinions.

Recently during an interview with a leading daily, Ranveer said,
“I gained confidence and started being true to myself, my sensibilities and aesthetics.”
When he was questioned if he tries and put extra effort, he replied,
“No, I’ve actually had a little bit of a journey when it comes to style and fashion. I’ve always been attracted to edgy avant-garde style. Growing up, in school and college I have always been open to experimenting, matching outfits with my haircuts. I became an actor and in my first few years, not knowing how to deal with the limelight, I was trying to conform to what I perceived to be the expectations of the public. Something like how an upcoming leading man should turn out to be.”

Ranveer also shared that after spending 3 years in the industry, he has gained some confidence,
“I think in my third or fourth year I started gaining confidence through validation of my acting. As a result, I started being true to myself, my sensibilities, my aesthetics and my choices. I believe style is an expression. It was then; I really stopped filtering my expression and started doing what I really felt like doing and not fearing being judged. Once I started being original, being true to what I felt I guess that got recognized widely — my distinctive style. But honestly that is just me being me.”

Ranveer, I love your fashion sense and I love the fact that you are not scared to wear something different. Keep rocking, Rockstar!

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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