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Love is a word with an array of meanings. For some, it is that cute-mushy talks and cuddles while for others it is totally the other way round. There have been many movies have given the people some really cheeky relationship goals that are nowhere close to reality but then there were some movies that presented love in its actual form – FLAWED!
These movies taught us that Love isn’t just texting ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Good night’ messages with a heart emoji, rather it is way deeper. These cinematic works made us realize that love is like life, full of tussles and problems but eventually it is miraculous.
Here, we have compiled 5 best romantic movies that were bold enough to decipher the actual meaning of Love: -
1. Silver Linings Playbook
Love happens in mysterious ways, these two lads fall in love without even realizing it. Their problematic lives crossed each other’s path and eventually the cupid strike.
2). Wall E
No one thought that this movie could tell us a thing or two about Love but it did. A robot who comes back to life to fall in love with another robot; Tech Love done right!
3). Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Now, this one’s my favourite. This ‘Oh-Please-Don’t-Make-Me-cry’ tale of a man who tries everything to bring back his girlfriend's memories of the past is a story that needs to be seen. I can bet that you will find yourself fighting your tears.
4). The Theory Of Everything
This film was essentially a biopic of the great scientist – Stephen Hawking but it did give us moments that reflected Love in its truest form. The unconditional love between ailing Stephen and his wife is so aptly shown in the film that it made our hearts root for the couple. The film also made us realize that Love lies in the happiness of the other one. Remember how Stephen allows his wife to go with another guy as he knew that his condition is making things difficult for his wife.
5). It's Complicated
Watch this film for the sheer comfort it brings in, watching a separated couple trying hard to ignite the romance in their life made us believe in the concept of true Love. Also, the film has Meryl Steep, so you gotta watch this one.
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- Shivam
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