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Some things in life go hand-in-hand and internet-Google is definitely one of them. The most used search engine caters to around three billion GAAAWWDDAAAMNN searches each day but do you know there are some tricks that could make you a Google-pro!
To make your searching hassle-free and easier, these tricks will act like bliss for you.
Intrigued already? Read the tricks here:-
1). Search for Unknown Words
Search for the words you know and replace the words you don’t with an asterisk (*).
2). Search For Flights Got Easy Breezy
Just type your query in the format given below and you are done.
3). Search For Related Websites
You know some site and you want to surf sites that are similar to it to get a plethora of options to choose from, do not worry because Google trick is there.
4). Search Within A Specific Website
You want to find a particular keyword or phrase in a particular site, sounds tough, right? Well, not with this google trick up on your sleeves.
5). Conversion Of Units
You Don’t need to keep a track of figures or anything, all you need to do is type off this real simple trick and voila! You are done with your work.
Bonus Trick:
Google Gravity
I will not say much, just go and see the world fall apart!
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- Shivam
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