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The search bar on Google is one wondrous opportunity for finding unknown things and explore way too much. So, people are making the most of it but top ‘Why’ questions asked on Google are some of the weirdest questions you can think of. Let’s find out:
10. Why did I get married?
On the 10th rant two of the questions are competing with 49,500 monthly searches globally. Seems like Google has really become the closest knowledgeable buddy that such personal question are being asked. Also, don’t forget to mention the ‘first person’ sentences.
9. Why do cats purr?
With monthly searches of 49,500 globally, this is one question everyone is curious and for good reasons. We all want to know as well if anyone has any answers, let us know.
8. Why do we yawn?
With monthly search of 49,500 globally, people want to know while they are yawning. As per I know, it is because of low amount of oxygen primarily but I gotta Google first.
7. Why do dogs eat grass?
The question has 49,500 global monthly search, I wonder how hurt the owners must be! Am I not a good parent to you? Don’t I take enough care of you or give you enough food?
6. Why are cats afraid of cucumber?
With a whopping 60,500, global monthly search, it seems like people are really digging into the relationship between cats and cucumber. Now, I am curious too! Cats are the new Dog obsession. Good, they need some popularity too.
5. Why should we hire you?
I don’t know, you tell me. Maybe if you are asking this question on Google, you probably should try finding it by yourself. Global monthly search for this question is 60,500.
4. Why is my poop green?
Ok, so 74,000 monthly search globally for this one! Are you eating a lot of ‘paalak’ (Spinach) these days? Or are you eating weed instead of smoking, I wonder? Or maybe grass! Ok, keep asking Google.
3. Why you always lying?
135,000 monthly users are asking this question to Google globally. Yes, I have been telling everyone that Google lies a lot many time but no one seems to believe me. So, many are asking this question to Google directly, more power to all the people asking man.
2. Why is the sky blue?
135,000 monthly searches globally to find out why sky is blue. People are really making good use of Google, thank you.
1. Why is there a leap day?
2,240,000 monthly searches globally to find out the reason behind it. I don’t know either. I have to Google it now and contribute on more views.
Honorary mentions to two more questions:
“Why am I so tired?” with monthly search of 40,500 globally.
“Why is Caillou bald?” with monthly search of 40,500 globally.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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