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Rishi Kapoor’s film, Mulk, scheduled to be released on Thursday, is already making news for its bold story line. It’s the story of a family that is fighting to establish its integrity after an insinuation has been made against them and Rishi Kapoor plays an aggrieved Muslim father.
Rishi Kapoor, in an interview to Indian Express, says the film offers an inner truth. Mulk denotes the consciousness of the people. We are responsible citizens of the country. The undercurrent that the film has is about how responsible we have to be.
Taking about the idea the movie is based upon, Rishi said, “the idea rang a bell with me. I believed that this was a film one must do, not only because I play the patriarch of the family, the film’s protagonist, but also because there is a voice that must be heard.”
“This subject is topical for me. Today, there are cases of mob lynching taking place in India and there is cow slaughter ban. One community is being falsely held just because someone in the family has done something wrong. The whole family is implicated. I thought it’s not just about India, people from other parts of the world might also wish to hear the point of view of the other community”, says veteran actor who is also known for his bold statements on social political issues on social media.
On being asked how far are movies successful in conveying the messages to the masses, 70’s romantic superstar said that Movies are meant to send out messages and we have to make an attempt. Mulk tries to say that it’s unfair to judge someone without knowing the truth. It’s a story that has been adapted for cinema. We, ourselves, don’t know what the solution is. The solution is within human beings themselves; we all are responsible. For repairing the damage that’s done, the nation is responsible and their social consciousness is responsible.
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