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There is an ocean of animals around us and if taken into perspective, humans are just a tiny part of Earth amongst all the animals roaming around. Yes, humans have lived for a long long time but these are the ancient animals which have survived even before than the dinosaurs period:
1. Walrus
These are the voluptuous couch-potato shaped animals we all might have seen in the Discovery channel but how many of you have actually seen the animal in real-life? Walruses are approx. 600,000 years age in their breed and they spend most of their times on ice floes and during the time from May to August they are found on shore in huge number called as haulouts.
2. Okapi
Perhaps they are the oldest living mammals left on Earth, the fossils found of this animal is quite spooky. Also the resemblance of Okapi with deer,, giraffe and zebra cannot be passed off easily. These are an extremely secretive animal, so much so that Western scientists didn’t even know the animals existed until 1900.
3. Chamois
The pronunciation for Chamois is ‘sham-wah’ and they were first seen during the last ice age in western Europe. These animals have been discovered through cave paintings and carvings made by humans in the ice age. If you want to see them in real, you can find them primarily in and around Haute Route from Chamonix, France to Zermatt, Switzerland.
4. Lake Sturgeon
If we have to talk about prehistoric fishes, this ancient fish lived parallel to the dinosaurs in aquatic life. They have survived over some 150 million years.
5. Komodo Dragon
Found heavily in Indonesia till date, these are the well-known gigantic lizards. Scientists have found that these unearthly animals date back to as far as four million years ago.
6. Siberian Musk Deer
Siberian musk deer aka “vampire deer” come with with 4-inch-long fangs. They can be found in the primeval forests of Northeastern Asia. The coolest parts about these beauties are that these animals are strictly herbivores.
7. Sandhill Crane
Though they are not seen as ancient animals but they actually are. These are at least two and a half million years old. Every spring they migrate to their arctic breeding grounds and you can find them in Kearney and Nebraska, those are the biggest stopover points for these breed.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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