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Irrfan Khan, a name synonymous to an acting chameleon and a man of steel. He is the man responsible for bringing India’s name into the world map with his craft. We all know by now that the world famous actor is battling a rare form of cancer, neuroendocrine tumour. His spirit is something we all should learn from and there a certain honesty in him which never fails to touch our heart.
Currently two of Irrfan’s films awaits release, ‘Karwaan’ in India and ‘Puzzle’ internationally. Puzzle is a poignant drama by Marc Turtletaub (Producer of Little Miss Sunshine). The 51 year old actor speaks about the film with immensely fondness and how keenly unpredictable his life has become.
On being asked about the movie ‘Puzzle’ Khan said, “I was looking for something for a long time in American cinema, Hollywood cinema. I have been reaching for this, for a personal experience where I could invest myself and I could have more meat that I could get apart from myself completely and get into something which is unknown. This character had complexity and a strange unpredictability where he himself doesn’t know where things are moving and is in a limbo state.”
When the interviewer asked him about his condition and how the media is sppeculationg everything, the actor said “There are challenges which life throws at you. But I have started believing in the way this condition has tested me, really, really tested me in all aspects — physical, emotional and spiritual. It has put me in a rapture state.”
He then shares that “Initially I was shaken. I didn’t know. I was very, very vulnerable. But slowly, there is another way to look at things that is much more powerful and much more productive and much more healthy and I just want people to believe that nature is much more trustworthy and one must trust that. The problem with me initially was everyone was speculating whether I would be out of this disease or not. Because it’s not in my hand. That’s nature that will do whatever it has to do. What is in my hand, I could take care of that.”
Finally, he says how much clarity he has got in the whole journey “clarity came like lightning. You stop your contemplation, you stop your planning, you stop the noise. You see the other aspect of it. It gives you so much. Life offers you so much. That’s why I feel like I have no other words but thanks. There are no other words, there’s no other demand, there’s no other prayer.”
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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