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Shah Rukh Khan’s dear daughter Suhana Khan recently got featured on the cover of leading magazine – Vogue’s cover page. While people showered love on the young lady, some got irked, like really irked; and it is a reason to get annoyed, I mean why did she feature in Vogue, for existing?
Well, my irritation is nothing in front of this struggling actor’s frustration, she vents out on Twitter and bashed Vogue’s decision to feature her. Within no time her tweets went viral and she became a sensation.
Bhumika Chheda, who calls herself a struggling actor took to Twitter to express her agitation. She wrote: "I am a struggling TV actor and I'll tell you why people and other fellow struggling actors including me are annoyed because Suhana Khan is on the Vogue India cover. But before that, let me tell you my credibility. I have worked in a few episodics, 3 digital ads and a DD1 show."
She further added: "A normal struggling actor spends his/her/families (if new) money to travel EVERYDAY (almost) to various studios to ask for work. What happens when you are not dressed appropriately as per audition requirements? They ask us to come again another day."
And finally broke out: "Nobody gives a rat's ass as to how you are feeling that day, ill, sick, okay, normal, abnormal, unhealthy, mentally ill, XYZ! It's a race and you got to be there standing in a queue waiting for long hours, perhaps even 4-5 hours because you got to. No excuse!."
Her agitation crossed all boundaries: "What happens when you don't fit the bill (requirement) according to the casting director? They say words like either "rejected, you don't fit". Thankfully many casting directors these days are kind enough to convey their opinion politely. Or else, it is rude, its tough to deal."
A hard-hitting point: "Imagine going every day for a new test and getting rejected over and over again due to XYZ reasons. And trust me, the reason isn't talent ALL THE TIME. It varies."
And, she said it: "Thus! The reason I am annoyed is because when Suhana Khan had to step into the Vogue India office, nobody told her "you don't fit the requirement." To wake up each mrng with the same amount of motivation for the same agenda each day, every day, try that! I promise it isn't easy!."
A valid point: "Probably. I wasn't as much bothered when Alia Bhatt appeared in the covers, we all knew she would. But she did that post her movie announcement. That matters :) prooving the mettle matters."
As the tweets went viral like wild-fire, she had to come and clarify this one thing: "The thread was not against SRK's daughter, it was against a girl who has nothing to her merit yet on the Vogue India Cover Page, and she happened to be Suhana Khan. Request to not make it a sensational news."
Looks, like the never-ending debate of Nepotism V/S Talent got a fresh chapter embedded.
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- Shivam
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