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In a shocking turn of event, Anubhav Sinha’s high-octane courtroom drama ‘Mulk’ got banned in Pakistan by The Federal Censor Board of Pakistan. The movie has reportedly been banned for its subject matter where a Muslim man has been shown as a terrorist.
While the banning of Indian films in the neighboring country is not new, this trend has got acceleration in recent times. Recently, Veerey Di Wedding was banned in Pakistan on the grounds of being too bold and liberated for their country. Even Alia Bhatt’s amazing ‘Raazi’ did not see the sun in Pakistan as its subject matter was way too controversial for the censor board of Pakistan.
Anubhav Sinha, director of the film wrote an open letter where he expressed his views on the ban, here is what he wrote:
Dear Citizens of Pakistan, I say dear citizens of Pakistan at the risk of being called an antinational by some losers back home. I don't care. I have recently made a film called MULK. Unfortunately, you will not be able to see it legally as the censor board in your country has banned it from you watching it. I remember the day the trailer came out many in India and also many in Pakistan wrote against it. Some in India thought it was pro Muslim and some in Pakistan thought it stereotyped Muslims. Contradictory but true. I kept insisting the film was about LOVE. Love amongst Hindus and Muslims. Now the word is out. The press has seen it and the audience in the UAE too has seen it. It is not pro Muslim or Anti Muslim. Pro Pakistan or Anti Pakistan. It is about You. It is about Me. You have Hindus as a minority in your country and we have Muslims as a minority in ours. We all must work towards coexisting in peace and harmony. Here is my question for you. Why is it so that they do NOT want you to see the film that talks about co-existence. I know, sooner or later, you will have access to the film. Please do watch it and give me your opinion WHY DID THE PAKISTAN CENSOR BOARD ban the film. I really wanted you all to see this film legally but do watch it illegally if you must, though our digital team at home is working hard to stop all piracy. RegardsAnubhav SinhaDated-Aug3, 2018
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- Shivam
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