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Art is a window to reality, it showcases the happiness, despair and other moods of life in a way that is engrossing and enchanting. There are many artists in the world who try to portray some or the other perspective of life through their works or say, themes.
Stephan Schmitz is a conceptual illustrator from Zurich, Switzerland. Stephan tries to portray the harsh realities of life that we tend to ignore, through his beautiful illustrations. He infuses a lot of colours, optical illusions and visual puns to demonstrate a story or define a picture. His work will surely make you feel a thud within you, as you have never seen life in this way.
Here is some of his best works :-
1). No One Became A Star Overnight
Many times, people say that he or she got success overnight, forgetting that it takes a lot of sleepless nights and failures to finally win that ‘OVER-NIGHT’ situation.
2). Voids Can Be Filled
Even if a relationship goes sour, one should not give up easily and strive to protect it.
3). Being Different Is Breezy
In a world where people are expected to behave in a certain manner, a person with a different ideology is bashed but always remember that sometimes being different is what that takes you further. Do not get tangled with the society regulations.
4). Brain-Washing
Do not let people manipulate you; always have a strong hold on your intellect.
5). The Shift
It feels a little uneasy when your life is switched so drastically, doesn’t it?
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- Shivam
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