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Friendship is the most beautiful and purest relationship. It is said that any relationship which doesn’t have any kind of friendship can’t be called as a relationship. People say it is hard to describe ‘What is love?’ but describing friendship is, if not more, as tough.
Friendship can be of various types starting from having mutual understanding, having a great bond, having great admiration, bear other person’s annoying habits just because you love them like hell and an ocean of other reasons.
Minions here will try to explain friendship for you and share their scoops of their friendship with you as we know they are the friendliest and the weirdest. Are you thinking of your weird friend now? Oh, all your friends are weird!
Find out what minions has to say or share about their understanding of friendship:
1. When banana is the only true friend in your life
2. The true meaning of friends!
3. Stupidity level with friends!
4. When you never leave a friend for being the worst
5. When your friends know everything about you.
Oh yes! Everything.
6. When you can’t deal with guys anymore and you go back to your girlfriend
7. Annoyance level – Minions
Happy Friendship Day and share this article with your buddies too…let them enjoy some more weirdness.
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Graphic Designer: Vikas Kakkar
Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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