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Life is all about accepting your flaws and moving forward. That is what you should do after making any mistakes but wise man do learn from those mistakes.
Humans and every living beings will always make mistakes, sometime consciously and some unconsciously. After committing mistakes, we usually go into a mould of either guilt or ego. Both ego and guilt is self destructive and one should not indulge in it for long. Instead you should confront the mistake and move forward learning from it.
Here are 10 things you should tell yourself after making any mistake:
1. It is Okay.
This is the first thing you should always tell yourself rather than make things even more complicated. You need to heal yourself emotionally and then only learn from what had gone wrong and what you should not have done in the hind sight.
2. No success is complete without failure.
Whether you know it or not but greatest of the greatest people who are successful have failed in some point. Don’t keep any space open for regrets. Failure has only made their determination so strong that no matter what “I am going to conquer.”
3. This mistake doesn’t define me.
As you know life doesn’t come with guidebooks, so everyone will make mistakes. Your life should not revolve around that mistake but the learning from it. No matter how chaotic your past is, let your present work shine like a beacon.
4. Positive thinking attracts positivity.
If you felt that something you did or something happened with you was not right, change it. You only have the power to control your life, don’t let the demons of negativity fly all around your head.
5. Acknowledge the mistake always but only to move forward.
There is no age to learn from your mistakes, so be a self critic always. When you do a mistake, acknowledge it, regret will automatically come but use that regret to reach great heights. Life’s best lessons are learnt only through mistakes and failures.
So, take your mistakes and failure in the most positive way possible and there will be no one in the world who can stop you from being a free person ever.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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