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A gym is a place where people work hard to attain an envious body, right?
A gym is a place that can give you the quirkiest visuals if you keep your eyes wide open. These visuals are so hilarious that you are sure to get the abs from laughing if in case cardio does not work out. LOL!
Scroll to see a compilation of some of the most surreal visuals captured at/near a gym:-
1). ‘Parrot-Press’ done right!
Watching this parrot work hard to get broad chest has certainly motivated me to hit the gym so I will definitely go to the gym TOMORROW because - PROCRASTINATION!
2). One who loves you never leaves you
Oh, so you ditched on the crispy burgers and fries to get a beach body but do you really think that the past will leave you. NO, it will haunt you till eternity. *evil laugh heeeeeehahahahahah*
3). Sarcasm so sharp that it hurts!
It is actually a bad manner to not place the stuff at its designated place after use. All you gym freaks, always re-rack weights so that you don’t have to face such sarcastic compliments.
4). You want to be strong or Asgard strong?
Oh, so you love lifting weights because you want to unleash the beast but can you pick up the Thor-weapon? If not, kindly work hard and sweat more. LOL!
5). Muscle-Granny
She Has A Dance Competition Coming Up. Her Partner Is In His 90's And Is "Kind Of Weak". She Wants To Be Strong Enough To Hold Him Up.
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- Shivam
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