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It’s been 24 years since the adorable ‘Forrest Gump’ knocked at our doors and made us fall in love with his sheer innocence.
The cult classic was nominated for 13 Academy Awards and won 6 out of them. Forrest Gump tells the tale of a slow-witted Southern boy who grows up to make history in extraordinary ways like running as fast as a bullet, playing ping-pong, driving shrimp boats and running around America for no reason.
But, here is the catch, he says that he had no reason to do things he did but there was always a reason and the biggest one was his childhood love, Jenny. Destiny kept the duo entangled in a series of meet up – break up until the two souls finally got together.
Amidst, the romantic angle, the film also questioned America's history — the psychedelic, the social and civil unrest of the 1960s.
And, TOM FUCKING HANKS, what a performance he gave like whaaaatttt aaaaa solidddddd performance!
Here, we have compiled 5 best quotes from the film that will help you pass through the difficulties of life :-
1). Sometimes Being Stupid Is Unique

2). Mama Was So Right

3). Words Of Wisdom

4). To This Gump Replies: I Don't Know If I Had To Look For Him, Sir!
5). Because You Cannot Take The Baggage Along
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- Shivam
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