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Director Amjad Khan is coming up with a film named Gul Makai which will be based on the life Malala Yousafzai. Recently he said that making a movie about a person whose life is out there in public is difficult.

When he was asked about the challenges he faced while making this movie, he told a leading daily, "I would say it is tough to make a biopic when people know the main story of an individual that I am making a film on."

He also said that after Malala was attacked everything about her life was documented is there before the public. And so it is a little difficult for him to make a biopic on someone whose life well known by the audience.

"So, I started my story in the film with the back story of how Taliban took control over Pakistan's Swat Valley and how that affected children of that area, including Malala," Amjad Khan added.

Malala is a name which is known to everyone. She was gunned down by Taliban (terrorist group) after she spoke up for Right to Education for children especially the girl child, in October 2002. The brave girl survived that attack and continued her fight for the rights of children. She also won a Nobel prize as a teenager for her brave spirits and bold actions.

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Amzad was very cautious about making a movie on Malala on therefore he researched on her with a Pakistani author for two years.
"I have shown things exactly the way they happened, and yet it is not a documentary but a good watch. I had to find the balance as I had to be factually correct and at the same time entertain," the director told the website” he added.
On being asked if he took permission from Malala and her family for the movie, he said,
"No, I haven't. But I think she and her family know that an Indian film director is making a film about her. But yes, I wish to show her the film once it releases."

Amzad has decided to donate the first day collection of movie to Malala Fund that works towards providing education to children. The movie will be released by the end of this year and will feature Reema Shaikh in the lead role.
Divya Dutta and late Om Puri will also be seen in this movie essaying some important roles.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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