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The sass queen Kangana Ranaut always seems to surprise us with everything that she does. She has an aura that everyone around her becomes a fan or just stands there in awe of her. When it comes to fashion there are a few like her.

She covers every spectrum of airport looks. We have seen are sporting OTT outfits and basics as well, she looks like the diva she is in everything. She is the one who always seems to surprise the paparazzi with her unique looks.
The thing we love about Kangana’s style is that she doesn’t stick to one genre. She keeps on experimenting with as many things as she can. From sarees to tracksuits and from pantsuits to tube tops, Kangana knows how to flaunt every single of piece of clothing.
She walks in every pair of clothing with so much poise and confidence which makes us love her fashion and style even more.
Here are some pictures that are a proof that Kangana Ranaut’s airport style is sassy AF.

When she slayed in this floral dress.

When she looked royal AF.

When she looked most comfortable in her saree.

When she made us fall in love with her pantsuit.

When she looked like a beautiful flower in her all floral outfit.

When she wasn't scared to bring some European fashion to the airport.

When she looked like a perfect definition of class and sass.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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