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On the eve of National Handloom Day, we would like to honour and feel pride of our rich handloom culture. India, as we know is a very rich country and especially when it comes to handicrafts, weaving and a plethora of handlooms. Our country is so rich that each state has atleast one popular and specialised handloom of its own.
Whereas the handlooms and crafted materials we use at today are mostly crafted with modern technology, and because of that our traditional culture have seen a succumbing decrease. At this day, you should start looking out for authentic handcrafted handlooms which will not only help the art and crafts to grow but also they look far more authentic.
So, here is a cheers to Kashmir to Kanyakumari for all their contribution in giving us such beautiful and meaningful crafts. Here are the popular handlooms in each state of India:
1. Assam – Muga Silk
2. Andhra Pradesh – Kalamkari
3. Arunachal Pradesh – Apatani
4. Bihar – Bhagalpuri Silk
5. Chhattisgarh – Kosa Silk
6. Gujarat - Rabari Design
7. Goa – Kunbi
8. Haryana – Panja Durries
9. Himachal Pradesh – Kullu Shawl
10. Jharkhand – Kuchai Silk
11. Karnataka - Kasuti Design
12. Kerala – Kasavu
13. Kashmir - Kashida and Sozni
14. Madhya Pradesh - Chanderi
15. Maharashtra – Paithani
16. Meghalaya – Eri Silk
17. Manipur – Phanek
18. Mizoram – Loin cloth
19. Nagaland – Naga Shawl
20. Odisha - Pipli style
21. Punjab – Phulkari
22. Rajasthan - Gota Patti
23. Sikkim – Lepcha
24. Tripura - Pachra
25. Telangana – Pochampally Ikat
26. Tamil Nadu - Toda style
27. Uttar Pradesh - Chikankari
28. Uttarakhand – Panchachuli Weave
29. West Bengal - Kantha Stitch
It’s fascinating isn’t it? Now, start collecting these handlooms from each state and make a special property of yours.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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