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The latest outing from the Avengers series had created a havoc at the ticket window, just like, politics creates havoc in the world.
From time and ages, cinema and politics have always crossed each other's path in some or the other way.
So, we tried our hands in blending both the arenas (Yes, we are imaginative).
Let us have a look on how an Avengers assemble comprising of eminent political faces would look like:-
World's mightiest villain who can wipe anything out with a snap of his finger should definitely be played by North Korea's Kim Jon. Kim Jon's constant orgasms on thinking about world war and nuclear attack definitely make him a perfect Thanos. It is just that Thanos wanted infinity stones and Kim wants infinite missiles.
Iron Man
Iron Man is a superhero with sass, he is rich, flamboyant and comes with a sarcasm that can burn fire as well. We thought a lot about a politician having such characteristics and we finally gave rest to our brainstorming at Shashi (read: Sassy) Tharoor. Tharoor is charismatic, intelligent and if you want to befriend his sarcasm, just watch some videos where he bashed foreign journos.
Captain America
A superhero who stays calm and fights the ill with all his might. He is someone who does not speak much but always leads the pack and binds everyone together. Well, you all know how Sonia Gandhi has always been a major reason for the Congress party to stand still in the most devastating situations as well, So would not she be near perfect to portray Captain America. I guess so!
An immature lad who has a great power but he is utterly irresponsible, which is why he is often seen misusing his superhero instincts. The last time I checked, America was a SUPER POWER vested in the hands of Donald Trump who cannot think straight, like ever. So, this character demands Trump and no one else.
An eternal God who loves * his people*, looks ethereal and vibrant and whose tenant is thunder. Lately, the only politician who has gained immense popularity, so much so, that his followers are being called Bhakts; Narendra Damodardas Modi, a godly figure (for many, not me of course) who would go to any limits to get his deed done. He can thrash you in 2002 different ways, the only difference between Thor and Modi is that Modi is into fire not thunder. (Yes, it was one of those old-school political jokes)
The gamma-ray monster who is the mascot of destruction and constant angst demanded someone as furious as him to play the character. While I was looking for a perfect face for hulk, my eyes got stuck on a photo of grumpy Putin, and he looked every ounce of a mad cap monster. Also, just like Hulk Putin too is obsessed with wild animals and technology.
So, this was our part of imagination, if you liked it, call Marvel Studios already to begin casting for an Avengers spinoff.
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- Shivam
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