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Who doesn’t want flawless skin? We all do. But the amount of pollution we deal with doesn’t let this happen to us. Uneven skin tone is the major issue these days that many of us face. It’s not just related to unhealthy diet routine but past exposure or medications that have left marks on our skin.
We know how ugly sometimes our picture turns out to be, right? Let us know find out how our uneven skin tones can be prevented and cured.
1. Firstly, if you want your skin to stay fresh you should ensure proper care of it. You should adopt a good skin care regime and follow it strictly. Aim to cleanse tone and moisturize your skin twice a day. Never sleep while your make up is on.
2. Remember to exfoliate your skin many times a week using a gentle scrubber. Exfoliating skin with a harsh scrubber can be bad for your skin. Gently scrubbing your skin will remove the dead skin cells and will help in making the skin tone even.
3. After cleansing your skin, you can apply toner on the skin. This will help in cleaning and brightening skin leaving it more hydrated and healthy.
4. Pollution is the biggest enemy of skin. You can indulge in an elaborated cleansing routine to combat the effects of pollution on the skin. This will help in regulating oil production, smoothening skin texture and in turn reduces the appearance of blemishes.
5. A good sunscreen is the best friend of your skin. Painful sunburns, risk of cancer and uneven skin tone can be prevented just by avoiding direct sun rays and using a good quality sunscreen.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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