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Priyanka Chopra is the queen who is winning hearts all around the world right now. Everything related to her is in talks, no matter if it is her relationship status or engagement rumours or wedding rumours or the movies she is doing. People from everywhere want to know what this diva is up to these days.

Priyanka has got lots of success in whatever she chose to do but still this star is scared of failure. The 36-year-old actress who built a name for herself in the west with her ABC thriller Quantico said she feels ‘miserable’ whenever she experiences any setback in any form in her life.

"My biggest fear is failure. I hate failures. I am miserable when I fail. My mom tells everyone, 'Let her be alone for while', whenever I fail. But because I am so afraid of failing that developed a way of not being nervous," PeeCee said while talking to a leading daily.
Priyanka has always been vocal about her thoughts. She believes that women always get lesser chances than men which is a reason that in order to go up women tend to pull other women down.

"When I entered the entertainment industry I came in through a beauty pageant. I was also thinking that only I should get the job. So I had to teach myself that I had to be the most confident of the lot. After spending three-four years in the industry I realised if I wear my confidence well I don't need to elbow anyone out.I felt if I just be great then I can be the person who actually pushes the other person up. That was a phenomenal change that came in me when I started working in movies... I really want to be that person who can be a support to other girls out there because we get less opportunities anyway," Priyanka said.

Priyanka said that even after all these years, she still get nervous when she goes on a set. "I like nervous energy when I walk on to a set. Because if I don't feel like that then I can't perform somehow. I will be complacent and it is boring," she added.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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