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“Do not submit any personal photos that you do not want to be made public,” is the disclaimer on the Twitter profile of James Fridman. James quirkiness is leaving the netizens in splits.
James – a professional photoshopper, is taking the internet by storm. What he does is photoshop your pictures, but not in the way you would have thought. His maverick ways are making people roll on the floor laughing. James takes people’s requests and alters altering them with a hilariously unexpected twist to find his own niche, photoshop comedy. His images are posted with a one-word caption like ‘sure’ or ‘done’ but at times, this internet star fulfills a hefty responsibility of being a sincere citizen and he talks about social issues such as media manipulation, unrealistic beauty standards and body confidence too. WAY TO GO, JAMES!
With a wave of fans, as huge as 1.5 million followers, he is definitely someone to look for. Scroll down below to check out some of his work for yourself:-
1). Because Doctors are legit Super-Heroes!
2). HEY! HEY! Senorita!
3). Well, English is really confusing at times
4). Sanskaari Launda Alert!
5). WHAT THE FUCKKKKKK…..I am crying laughing
Special Mentions:
1). When James took it upon himself to give away an important message
2). Sweet, RIGHT?
The British photoshopper is setting the right expectations for the society; making people laugh and also making them realize the importance of life and loving yourself. This guy is doing a remarkable job out there!
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- Shivam
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