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Sacred Games released a month before on Netflix and formed a connection with the audience because of its raw desi content. The show garnered lots of praises and caught everyone’s attention through its good content and marvellous actors.

But in India, everything good has to pay a price for being good. A good show cannot be just about praises, it also gets a little hate and gets into controversies as well. That is what exactly happened with this show as well. The show sparked a controversy because of one of its scenes which landed the makers of the show in the middle of a legal action.

The scene which started all this was where Nawazuddin’s character Gaitonde calls the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi a Phattu. The legal team of Congress lost their heads over this and went ahead to file a legal petition in Delhi High court against the digital platform and asked them to drop the scene.

They also pointed finger at the makers of the show and said they have misinterpreted the facts and showed wrong details related to the tenure of the late PM. Soon after the report was filed many stories started doing rounds saying that Netflix is ready to drop the scene but the digital platform never went ahead and did it or gave any statement regarding it.

Now it looks like that Netflix is not changing anything about the show and keeping it as it is. Chander Lal who is representing Netflix went ahead and conveyed the same to the Delhi High Court,
He said,
“My instructions are that we don’t want to change the word.”
Well, looks like Netflix is holding its ground and not changing a bit about the show.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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