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I have said it enough times and I will say it again, Kangana Ranaut is a Queen, a Queen who doesn’t give a fuck about anything is always there speaking up her mind, standing for the truth and against injustice. Not many of the Bollywood celebs have the guts to do it. But Kangana unlike other have balls to do speak her mind and not care about the consequences.
She has said it enough times that she is a self-made woman and so the only person she is scared of is herself. Kangana recently was seen interviewing Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, an Indian yogi. Both these people come from a very different sphere of life and so my concern was what will she ask her?
But Kangana asked some very relevant questions and made us proud. She is a spiritual person herself. Our Queen not even once tried to mince the words, she was very kind, straightforward with her questions and very aware of things she needs to say.
In case you have not yet seen this very insightful conversation yet, here are 10 thoughts that Kangana shared during this conversation:

When she honestly told what her first reaction was when she heard about the Sadhguru :

She also told how she got to know him more deeply:

She questioned his notion about Karma:

When she casually dropped some truth bombs about Indians abroad:

She talked about how people get away with anything with the help of money:

She talked about diversity:

She also talked about her upcoming film Manikarnika:

Some truth bombs about liberals and groupism:

She mentioned how the Padmaavat incident embarrassed her:

Criminals and Religion:

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Graphic Designer: Vikas Kakkar
Author: Anjali Semwal
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